In my previous blog, I gave two things for citizen journalism and social activism. One of them is participation and the other one is free will for people in the digital era. I think people can get more opportunities of participation in social and cultural affairs by using social media tools. Moreover, more participation can contribute to higher democracy of the society, and higher democracy can give more rights of free will for people. I think these form a mutual relationship to each other.

After reading comments about my previous blog, I found that there are some interesting points which I like. As yknwt said that there is an example to explain how social media affect democracy of the country. This example can improve my point more clearly because social activism can improve even overthrow the government’s policies and actions for people. Through these, people are more active than before because they can change something what they want by social media tools rather than just accept all information. Social media offer a platform to some social groups which they need be noticed by the public and give the more and broad space for everyone which can express  opinions what they want. This way can get everyone together and participate in social and cultural affairs.

In addition, katielisanne left an very interesting question which I think it for a while because this question gives me a sign to think about whether citizen journalism is good or not. We have to say that social media make people participate in the whole society frequently than before, but we have to think whether every information is helpful to the public by everyone.I agree with katielisanne, she thinks that people should be educated when they want to be a “journalist” or they create a new. Because we should have responsibilities for our information which we create and publish, everyone can view your information, even they believe it. At this point, I think social media give much freedom to everyone, however, we also consider that the authority of information on the Internet.

Therefore, I will change my point a little bit through these comments. Even though I still think social media can contribute to citizen journalism and social activism by participation and free will because it increase democracy in the society than before, we also consider whether every information is credible or not because we are hard to classify backgrounds of everyone, especially for knowledgeable authority.