This week, I just received one comment for my blog, but this comment is interesting because it gives an opposite argument for my suggestion which decreases the rate of piracy in the music industry.

As for me, I wrote the suggestion which people can spend money to listen music to decrease the rate of piracy online. While, the comment thinks that it does not work even though consumers expend money in the music industry. Because it argues that we can not expend a large amount of money to support artists and they can get money from business and record companies, people do not do this behavior when they listen music online. This is a big difference between the comment and my opinion.

I have to say her point is interesting and sounds good. However, I still think that this can encourage more and more people to have the sense of piracy when they are charged online to listen music. I do not think it can increase the economy when there is someone just spent $1 when they consume music online, but this behavior can tell people respect others’ intellectual properties online. Moreover, there are more and more problems appear due to these advanced technologies, because it is hard to define which behaviors are piracy and which are not in the virtual world. Everyday we are in the massive information world, we do not have time to check whether our actions are piracy or not because we just enjoy the convenience by the Internet. Due to these reasons, there are some people who are easy to stole others’ works to make huge benefits, this phenomenon we have to notice and we should prevent them from violating the copyright law.

In my previous blog, I put a question which how to define piracy definitely. I have read articles in this module, I found that sharing files online either can improve our culture somehow, or belong to one of piracy behavior in our society. And I think we should do something to change the current free music apps, while the comment said that it is not piracy problem when people consume music online by free. I have also read others’ blogs and there are many different opinions about piracy. Therefore, I think it is really hard to judge other people whether are violating the copyright law in the Internet.

In conclusion, even though I also do not like people are charged by music websites and apps, it still can be an action of respecting producers and creators’ works. I hope that the copyright law can ensure producers and creators’ benefits, and it should concern about consumers’ conveniences when they are using the Internet.