When I looked at all comments about my previous blog, I found most of them are agree with my point which copyright is a necessity in the public now. Especially, I like one of them pointed out the quote. This quote is very interesting and it is general to depict the phenomenon which copy others’ works and recreate the new content. This quote is said by Wilson Mizner, “If you steal from one author, it’s plagiarism; if you steal from many, it’s research.” I totally agree with this view and we can found that there are many “researches” which seemed like it. For example, Youtube is a huge collective platform which collect all forms of videos by anybody. Everyone can make and create their own videos by watching their works. We can not say this is plagiarism because they still are new forms even though they are based on others’ old content. Moreover, I found that the same point after I have read the other one’s blog. She addressed that there is a huge amount number of songs when she typed in one sentence of lyrics after she has heard in nightclubs or other public places. And also we found that there are many editions of books, songs and films. Those are based on original works and recreate the brand new content to the public. We can not say those violate the copyright law, we just can say these are distributions to the society by different social media tools.

In addition, there is one comment which leaves a question for me. She asked me whether I can ensure every student can copy the totally same sentence in the massive information on the Internet. My answer is I can not ensure it, but as I said in the previous blog that Turnitin.com is a system which prevent students from involving in the copyright problem. I do not say I doubt students will violate the copyright law, but I think this is a good way to stop them to make some plagiarism problems. Nowadays, the virtual world is the same as the open economic marker. We can get benefits from this open and free place, and we also are easy to involve in the disordered situation. People should find some solutions to prevent them from copying others, this is a reason why there is a very restrictive copyright law to appear at present.

In conclusion, I still think the copyright is a necessity for our society because this is a good way to balance consumers and producers’ benefits and keep a relative safe virtual environment in this digital era.