After I have watched the video of Kony 2012, I think that more and more people can know about Joseph Kony who is a leader of LRA. Through this video, people raise their awareness about him who is a violent and advocate war person and takes cruel actions to people, especially for children. I have to say this is good way to promote the idea which is arresting Joseph Kony and rescuing those children. I have used this video to my  presentation of this course in the last week. I think that this video is a way to express social movement to the public. By this social media, more and more people know what are invisible children and how to help them. As my presentation said that different social media of different social movements stand for different social groups which they need help from others. As the same as invisible children, they are a special group which under the control by Joseph Kony and need be rescue by other people in the public. Through Youtube, people can know more about them and express broader as soon as possible.

While, we have to think about it also has benefits and constraints by this social media. As benefits, there are more and more people who come from all over world to know how invisible children live in the cruel lives, and also governments can notice this affair under the heavy pressure of public opinions, even people can help those children somehow by donation or supporting this campaign. These are good way to advocate this campaign by this social media. However, there are many doubts because this social media. Many people doubt whether this story is real or not because this is on Youtube which can be made any video or films by anybody. And they wonder that this is really helpful to invisible children and arrest Joseph Kony because this is a complex problem in the whole world. Then, Youtube is not very professional website to relevant world wars and campaigns, so not everyone believes this reality or doubt the purpose of the creator of this video. Therefore, this social media leads to two opposite views about this campaign.

In addition, I have read Zuckerman’s blog post. I have some comments about this blog. I think that this blog is very good way to express his arguments about Kony 2012. For example, he provided some criticism about this video and offered some example why people doubt this video. He pointed our the new concept about oversimplified of this issue. I like this point but I do not agree with it because this is a very complex problem to solve. Kony 2012 is just a form which express what problems are in Uganda and how invisible children live in the cruel lives, it can not included in all information about threat and wars and so on. Moreover, it can not be a solution to solve this kind of problem. As the international court pointed out, they can not guarantee we arrest Joseph Kony as soon as possible and they should find a better way to solve this affair. I found there are many comments about this blog, and most of them debate with this blog even though we have to say some points are very interesting in this blog. Some people think Kony 2012 is a good video to express invisible children’s lives; some people argue that this is a way to attract more people to watch this “documentary film”. I found another criticism link: curtis/2012/mar/08/kony-2012-what-s-the-story. This links is about whether Kony 2012 is real story or not. As I said before, many people doubt its reality, and they think this is just the same as documentary film because there are many facts are wrong in this video. And It leads to an intensive debate in the public, many people wonder what the real purpose are for creator.

Above these, we can think that social media and global communities are the mutual relationship between each other. Even though Kony 2012 has many arguments, it really addresses some communities’ attentions and make the international court take an action for arresting Joseph Kony. At same time, more and more people join in this campaign through these communities which promote this video or let more people participate in the debate which is good way or bad way to help those invisible children. Though there is an intensive debate, it still lets people know what invisible children are an how people live in Africa. I think this worked for the public to know more information around the world. In addition, as I post the link before which is talking about whether it is a film or real new to the public. I think it doesn’t matter for anyone no matter who are filmmakers or consumers. Because it really leads to the campaign which people can participate in it to help invisible children even though some facts are wrong in this video, and people are really paying more attention to it no matter who are supportive or opposite. And the most important point I think which is still affect to people by rhetorical arguments even though it has not enough credibility. I believe that many people who are the same with me cried when we watched this video. This reveals it is successful.

In conclusion, I think Kony 2012 become a typical example of collective action and social media. Even though it has many criticism by many people, anyway,we have to say it is a successful to get many attention by people at the same time. It is a great sample to show the mutual relationship between social media and collective actions.