I have chosen two games which are called Candy Crush Saga and Texas Hold’em Poker. Candy Crush Saga is a game app on Facebook, and I know about it through my friends sharing on Facebook. This game is matching the same jelly beans and get different points by arranging in different pairs or groups. When you can not find any same groups, there are hints to help you find them. Especially, you can know your score in your friends’ rank when you finish one level, and you also can share your score with your friends on Facebook. I think this is very interesting because you want to keep pace with other friends even over their scores. The other one is called Texas Hold’em Poker which is playing cards with others online, this is an app which you can download to your phones and Ipads. This game seems like a real card game in casino, you can play with two people to twenty two people. As started, everyone can hold two cards which are only seen by ourselves, and then the dealer will give the five cards which are seen by everyone. We just look at which one’s card points are bigger than others, he is a winner.

Even though these two games are very different between each other, they still have one social common which they need contact to others to play and connect with your friends by these games. I know Candy Crush Sage after my friends invite me to play it on Facebook, and I complete one level and I can share my scores with my friends on Facebook, and we can know others’ scores by sharing. Also, the card play which is plying by many people together, you can play with your friends together online and chat with which your next step is in the game. This is the same as the chatting tools online which connect with others by social media tools.

When I play with these two games, I found that there still are some differences between them. These two games can help me connect with other friends and know something among each other. Like Candy Crush Saga, we can know that they play it today when they share with their scores on Facebook. This game is just sharing among friends. While, Texas Hold’em Poker is an open place which you can play with anyone. You can invite your friends or you can play with other strangers online. This way can help you know more new friends or contact to the society somehow. Through these ways, people improve their social connections with others by social games and get closer with friends than before because this offer the new way to contact with others.

However, I think social games have constraints and benefits to the whole public. On the one hand, as I said before that social games can improve the relationship among people. As Candy Crush Saga and Texas Hold’em Poker, these are ways to contact to other people no matter who they are. On the other hand, I think social games are also limit people to connect to the outside at the same time. As we known, we think those people are “nerd” when we heard about some people are addicted to social games. They never go outside to connect with “real people”, they just stay at home and face to the screen and enjoy the virtual world. Like them, they will lose connection with the real world and are hard adapt to the reality because they even do not know what happen in the real world. Therefore, social games are not very perfect ways for social connection, people still need contact to others by using traditional social media tools.

Moreover, we have to admit that social games are becoming more and more popular in the public. Honestly, I am not a real gamer and I do not like online games, but I have to say more and more people are playing those social games. There are some incentives to lead to popularity and social connection of social games. First, we can found that most of games are competition models, people play with them and they have defeat to overcome others, and many games have to upgrade levels to enter into the next play. Those are easy to let people addict to social games. And also, we always play with our friends and we want to keep pace with others’ levels, we continue playing social games to connect to others.

In conclusion, I think social games are the one of ways to connect with others or the public, and also it has incentives to make popularity to the society. We can use it to make our social relationship more better than before, while we also balance our real and virtual worlds.