Now, this class has almost done because there is the only last class today. For me, I found that I have understood the relationship between social media and the society better and deeper than before. Because this course covers different aspects of variable  social media to connect with our lives in per week, I can notice some aspects which I haven’t focused on before.

I think that there are the most two surprised things of this course for me. The first one is  about the micro-blogging. I haven’t had the Twitter account before I took this course because I think that Twitter is the same as Facebook and Facebook is enough for me. While, I signed the new Twitter account for this course because I use it to help me write my one of assignment and discuss any thoughts to the professor. Moreover, I found Twitter gives me some interesting stuff when I finished the second assignment. There are much more information about variable topics and issues, and I can see other people talk and discuss about those, and I also know about what trends or popular topics when I log in Twitter. These stuff give me many new opinions about those issues and I can share with interesting stuff with my friends. The second one is about wikipedia. I also take COMM 2F00, it covers the same topic of wikipedia as this course. I found that these two classes offer the new thought for me about wikipedia. I do not totally believe wikipedia any more, but I still use it to get some basic information which I do not get any idea for anything. And I also found that wikipedia is also to be a discussion platform for everyone, people can edit and change information what they want. I just knew about this function of wikipedia after I have taken this course and COMM 2F00.

In addition, I am changing my thoughts about social media from the first class till the last class. There are different topics in per week and discuss more and deeper relevances about every topic. Before the first class, I haven’t ideas totally about social media because I think that this is a very normal thing which seems like the air we breathe in our lives. Now, I think that different social media for different fields reflect to different social phenomena. Through every presentation, I know about more and more social media which focus on specific topics and groups in our lives.

Lastly, I really feel good about this course and know more information about social media.