To be honest, I am not a really gamer because I do not like to play any games no matter what are on mobile or browser. So, I also do not know about more information about it. While, I also give some reflections about participation questions.

Firstly, I can not count the specific number of students in the class to review products or services about games. While, I remembered that there some guys were reviewing their products and services about their games in the lecture, especially for male classmates. I think that there are many people are looking for their game products and services when they playing games.

Secondly, as the relationship between consumers and corporations, I think that there is a mutual relationship between them. Consumers are playing games, then they can comment whether this game is good or not. And in the most time, they always give advices to corporations when they find some drawbacks in the playing process of games, they hope that corporations can improve problems which they have pointed out. At the same time, corporations review these comments and advance their games to satisfy consumers’ requests. Because there is an intensive competition among the market of games, corporations very care about what kinds of responses or feedbacks of consumers to improve their products better. Moreover, corporations offer some new products and services, consumers will buy them when they want to upgrade their levels of games. When they find that new products and services which do not satisfy with their needs, they will comment to corporations and corporation advance their games again. Thus, I think this relationship is mutual which consumers and corporations can influence by each other. Moreover, this also can be a new role of consumer in the consumption process because it decides that how much consumption when they comment in their games.

As different social media, it may lead to different user behaviors in the consumption. For example, consumers want to choose the mobile phone which has many functions and games are interesting when they play games by mobile phones. Iphone can be a typical example because it has some apps or games which be played only between the two Iphones. This is also increasing the amount of demand of Iphone because people want to play together with their friends. Another example, there are very very many people bought Ipad when it came out. Not only its new design, but also its games. Like, there is a game of cutting fruits which only plays in Ipad, and people like this game then go to buy Ipad to experience this game. Those reflect that games can influence user behaviors in the  consumption process by different social media.

In conclude, people play games which become the popular trend whether you are a really gamer or not. Popular games often effect our culture in the society because it can reflect some phenomena of the reality. Such as, games shift from some small intelligence games to 3D war games, it reveals that not only the advanced technologies, but also the changed thoughts by people. Therefore, games also challenge the whole cultural industry.