After I looked all comments about my blog of wikipedia, I concluded that almost all comments support my thoughts of pros and cons of wikipedia. Their opinions agree with my thoughts in my blog. Especially, there are three commons and I point out to share.

First, I wrote that wikipedia has no hierarchy of backgrounds of knowledge by collecting all information from everyone. Wikipedia can be edited and changed by people who are interested in some specific issues and topics. Everyone can say something what they want when they use wikipedia. This also reflects democracy in the public because people have more rights and freedom to giving speeches in the public. There are no limits of speech due to backgrounds of knowledge. This is a good way to reveals democracy in the public.

Second, I mentioned that the way of wikipedia influenced cultural,social even economic in the society. As cultural, people can connect all others no matter who they are, they can have discussion with everyone who are different cultural backgrounds; As social aspect, we have more rights and freedom to do something what we want, such as comment anything what we want on wikipedia; Then, as economic aspect, after I have read the article about wikieconomics in this module, I found that the way of wikipedia leads to the new business management way for companies. Wikipedia focuses on collecting and sharing all information to the whole public, and this way is resulted in the new and advanced way to help to most of companies at present. This new way means that it shifts from top-down model to peer sharing model in companies. Companies address that individual power and contribution to the whole company, it believes that put all individuals’ knowledge together will form a huge power to the whole company. Now, there are many companies which have used this way, such as Google, Youtube and so on. Therefore, wikipedia has influences on social, cultural and economic aspects.

While, other classmates are also agree with my cons of wikipedia. For example, we all think that wikipedia really may be referential tool because it lacks of reliability honestly. Even though everyone can edited and changed information on wikipedia, it also exists many debates and critical comments. People are hard to judge which information useful and reliable. Sometimes, there also are totally wrong information on wikipedia, these are easy to distort and mislead facts to the public.Thus, I think that wikipedia even everyone should have responsibilities for expressing information to the public.

In conclusion, I am glad to have some opinions which can get some supportive comments with others. And I also feel happy because there is someone said that my thoughts are helpful for her to understand wikipedia’s implications somehow. Through these comments, I also get the deeper understanding of wikipedia because they pointed out specific points and expand my thoughts. As myself, I also agree with one of them said that there are potential problems of wikipedia which people have to notice, even though people still use it due to its’ convenience.