To be honest, I have not never tried to google myself before. And I saw this work which  I should do in this participation, I googled myself. And I found some interesting things on it. On the Internet, there is no much information about me. As me, I feel glad because my personal information does not be disclosure on the Internet. While, I found there are some people whose names are the same as me, for example, one of them post her information on Linkedln. I saw her profile about her school, working experiences and job.  And when I typed my name in Chinese, I found many cloth companies whose brand names are the same as me. It is very interesting when I saw them on the Internet because I never  think that my name can be the brand of a company.

Back to myself, I do not post my personal information online, I post the fake name and wrong information online sometimes. I think there are potential risks to exist online, some people can stole your information to make crimes while you do not know what happen. For example, my Facebook and Twitter do not have many information on it if there is someone visit my online pages. I think about whether I have Facebook or not when I signed on the new account of Facebook. Because it needs my real name if I want to have the account of Facebook, I do not want to post my real name on it. Finally, I use my English name to sign up and I do not post more information about me on it. Thus, I think that is why there are more information about me when I googled myself, and  there are no information about my early life-casting.

Finally, I think social media tools are communicative tools when I connect to other people, even the whole world. I do not make the “special personal brand “to attract to others online. Maybe I will do that when I need make my resume to my employers.