As I saw the all comments, I found most views of the comments are the same as mine. These comments are all positive and support my original blog before. Generally, I summarize that there are three points which connect my views and these comments.

First of all, some students and I believe that people choose to disclosure their more personal information on Facebook. Why people publish more personal their information on Facebook? Many people think that Facebook is their own personal online spaces to share information with their families and friends. On Facebook, most of people just modify their families and friends to go into their personal profile. Because they know they share information or other interesting things with their friends and families, they do not mind publish their information on Facebook. While, people do mot publish more information on Twitter because Twitter is more public than Facebook, everyone can see your tweets and information even though you do not want to show everything to everybody, so people always tweet their stuff in daily life or views for other topics or news when they choose to use Twitter. Twitter seems to be a public conversation online which is in order to let everyone discuss what they want. Therefore, different social media tools have different function when people use.

Second, people balance their public and private lives when they use different social tools. The most main point in here which is about people choose that how much information they disclosure due to different social tools. Different social tools can reflect different levels of relationships among people. For instance, people think that Facebook has the main function which connect with our families and friends online. People are tend to disclosure more personal information on Facebook because they want to share their personal things with their close relationship. While, when people use Twitter, they do not publish their personal information on it. Twitter is more open than Facebook and there are less private space than Facebook, people think that they do not need disclosure their information on it. And one more example, when people do a resume to their employers, they will post as many as information on it in order to get the deep impression from their employers. So, different social media tools have different functions, and different functions lead to different levels of people’s interpersonal relationships, people can choose to disclosure their information what they want due to different social media tools.

The last one is potential risks online and people have to notice that they should balance their private and public lives online. I have mentioned in my own blog before that many stores ask customers to get their personal information to get online coupons or online news of their companies. There is one of the comments said that she got surprised this views and she agreed with my views at the same time. I still think people have their own responsibilities to protect their own privacy. When people disclosure their information to public organizations or companies, they should concern whether this decision leads to invasion their privacy or not. Thus, people have responsibilities to balance the private and public lives online in the digital era.

All in all, most of points are still same as the original blog before because these comments are positive to discuss it. I think people can control and protect their privacy in the public online space when they choose information what they want.