To be honest, I used Twitter just for a month because I do not think that I need many social media tools and I think Facebook is enough for me.While, I have sign the new account of Twitter because my courses need it which connect some information with my professors. When I used at the first time, I thought that Twitter is the same as Facebook because I also find friends to follow and I can tweet some thoughts about my life to the public, but I still feel different than Facebook because Twitter is more open than Facebook, you can search topics or issues what you want and you can know more information than Facebook. So far, I do not have as many as friends to follow because most of my friends do not have Twitter handles. I have a few of followers and I am following with some people. I am just following my professors and my classmates, and some of strangers who have some interesting views to attract to me. For example, my professors always encourage us to discuss deeper and wider thoughts online to share with other people, they always tweets many videos or articles. Then, Twitter becomes the communicative tool between professors and students. And they also tweet some notices which are about course schedules or works in every once week or assignments’ specific information and so on. As others friends, most of them tweet some interesting video or news to share and with their thoughts, I can know more information about the whole world. I found that Twitter is different than other traditional social media tools because it is more quickly and conveniently to express information to people, and people can involve in the social online world to know everything what they like. Moreover, the intend is wider than traditional social media tools because you can search other strangers’ thoughts no matter who they are.

I always search my interesting topics or trends by hash-tags. I think this is a good tool to use because you can type any key words what you want, and it can gives you many results, like, other people also like the same topics or other issues which relate to your topics. I think it is better than traditional searching tool because Twitter offer the communicative space to you, you can re-tweet others’ tweets, then you can discuss more with them if you want. It seems to have conversation in the real world and people have more rights to say their thoughts in the world.

When I use Twitter and I always concern about fashion, entertainment and Brock news because these are relative for me. For example, I follow Brock TV because I want to know what happen in everyday of Brock University, and I can know more activities in the school and I can share with my friends. While, I do not often tweet some personal things and I always tweet and respond my interesting topics and issues which I am following. I just log in it via my computer if I have time because Twitter seems to be a “information stand” for me and I look up it what something happen in the daily life. Thus, I think I do not have rich tweet experiences on Twitter and I am also not positive to tweet something because I just re-tweet and respond others’ tweets.

Even though I am not active on Twitter, I have to say it has own pros for us. When I found   tweet has word count, it reflects people can write their tweets very quickly and it reveals that our ways of communication and writing are changing in this digital era. People always use simplified words and people should adapt to this way of expression. Especially for young people, they like to use special network words. It shows our society becomes more and more advanced and people use the new way to communication.

In the last, I think there is nothing is perfect. Everything has two aspects which are positive and negative. As pros, Twitter changes our communicative expression to our world, and it covers broader information for us. People have more choices to choose social media tools what they like. For cons, Twitter is much public in the society, privacy is a problem which we have to notice. People can not control the virtual world which there are their information on it. It is easy to have problem of  invasion of privacy, and it also easy to make crime which some people use the public online. All in all, people have own responsibilities to publish their information or thoughts what they disclosure and keep the peace in the virtual world.