In the beginning, I will use one of the guiding questions which is about what criteria do you use when you decide to share information about yourself and how you present yourself and where do you post what to expand my thoughts. As me, I post my personal information on Facebook and website of my school. Because there are many friends of mine on Facebook, I can post my information to connect to others easily and friends can know more different aspects about me; and I also post my specific information on the website of my school because I should deal some important stuff with the school, and the school need know how to contact to you as well. Through these two example, I decide to post my personal information due to connecting with friends and dealing with my learning process. I post my real name, address, telephone number, email and personal description which are hobby, working experiences and the study process and so on. I think this way can help people connect their personal and public lives well because people can get more information from others and share everything what they want with their families and friends. Nowadays, more and more people use Facebook to share their photos, videos even daily life, this is a form which combines their private life with the public Internet sphere.

At the present, there are more and more people who rely on social media tools or Internet. We can see every one hold their smart phones or type with their computers in everywhere. As Turkle. S ( April 21, 2012) said that, people are more tend to communicate with these digital devices than face to face conversation. And there was a student told her a new skill which is about people still have eye contact with others when they are texting or typing something with their phones or computers. This reveals that people feel more balance among their public, personal and private by using social media tools because you can write anything what you want and you do not fear embarrassment if you feel so shy to face with others. On the one hand, people can introduce themselves by personal information; on the other hand, they also can receive more data to connect with other.

I think the relationship of the public, private and personal stuff has two aspects which are negative and positive ones. As positive aspects, the first one is about people can connect with each other broadly because the Internet and multiple social media tools offer many choices to get other information. Like, Facebook and Twitter both have personal files to describe yourself, friends and families can know more different aspects of you. And also people can scan or search their interesting topics or things by them, they can know what some trends are in the public. The second one is about people can involve in the pubic easier than before. More and more researchers and scholars think that the Internet makes more democracy than before. People can use social media tools to express their thoughts to the government directly, and they can get more news about their public life, these are about the democracy by the digital devices.

While, there are still negative aspects of it. Not all of people like to post their personal information on those social media tools, they think that this is easy to stole their information by some criminal organizations. For example, I always have many strange calls, and I always wonder that how they get my information. Now, many stores like to ask personal information of people to know their newest information or coupons, like phone numbers or email addresses. Some people do not like this even this is necessary to answer, they still think that they do not want to give their personal information to the public by online. The other one is about many people use fake names online to communicate. As Turkle. S said that people are “role playing” to identify  their new online identities in the article of “cyberspace and identity”. Even though we can understand people do not publish their personal information, it still exists the potential danger in the virtual world. Some people can use these fake names to make crimes with others, people do not know who you are and where you are. It makes the environment of the Internet dangerous.

In the last, even though the relationship of public, private and personal is hard to define whether is good or not, more and more people tend to use social media tools in their life. I think it is not enough for us to communicate in our society even though people are likely to communicate with their phones or computers and decrease the face to face conversation in the real life. As Turkle. S thinks that people feel the illusion of relationship which people do not feel lonely even without companionship in the TED.  Blog. We should balance our public, private and personal stuff in the cyberspace as well.


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