As me, I always search my interesting topics or issues by Google. Now, there are many social media tools to use, I decide that which social media website will search when topics or issues are different. For example, if I want to know which the newest mobiles or electronic stuff come out, I find information by Amazon or Ebay or Bestbuy. These have specific information which are about price, colors and functions and so on. If I want to know what some the newest news or topics about the society, I will go to Facebook or Blogger to search what the most people said. While, people can only use Google to search everything, or go to CBC news website to scan what they are interested in. Nowadays, there are many new social media tools to appear. On the one hand, they can help people connect others conveniently; on the other hand, people have more choices to search things what they want and they can get broader and more information by those social media tools.

I decided to investigate what funny or new things happen in our society. These things are appear on the Facebook or Twitter. When people log in their accounts, they can know what happen with their friends within a day; they also know about what funny or new news or information are, they can share with each other. For example, KONY is a good example to explain. The video of KONY gives people a new view to know how the Africa children to live in the “hell”. Through Youtube, Facebook or Twitter, many people retransmit this video, and more people have new views about the society. It leads to a huge campaign which is about people should help the African children. This has a big influence to affect our society, and people know that different cultures have different views to face with this video.

As micro-blogging practices, people use the shorter and more direct languages to express their views. For instance, Twitter is the better example to show hoe it works. If you want tweet something, you should concern about the word counts because it has limited words count. If you want to express the meaningful views, you should use abbreviation or specific network languages. Specifically, “you” becomes “u”; “yes” becomes “yup” or etc. People know that and use that to connect with others, these are easy to reading or writing.

There are some benefits of tweeting or micro-blogging. The first one, they are adapt to our quick lifestyle because people can save much time when they use abbreviation or the network language. People should express directly because it have limited words, others can know what people want to say more quickly. The second one, it is very convenient and easy to writing or reading views anytime or anywhere because you just log in you account to write and scan the views. The last one is about people have more choices to get more information by different social media tools, and people connect others closer than before. No matter where people are going, they can use these to connect their friends and families.

However, there are some constrains of those. The first one which people always use informal language to connect, some people do not know what they mean. It leads to misunderstandings among people, especially between the young generation and old generation. The second one is decreasing face to face communication among people. Nowadays, more and more people tend to communicate with others online, they think that it is easier than face to face communication. Even though chatting online is more convenient, face to face is necessary and it decreases people’s communicate skills. For, instance, ¬†especially for shy people. They might be more shy when face with the public.

Therefore, even though there are many new social media tools, like Twitter or Blogger or Facebook, people still need face to face communication with other people. They are easier for our life, but they also decrease people some communicate skills.