The Topic and the Purpose of the Blog—–Violence in Media

I choose the topic of media, and this topic is very broad and there are various aspects to discuss. Specifically, I will focus more on violence in media because this issue has became the serious social problem in the society.

Nowadays, media has a big influence on people’s behaviors and thoughts because it exists in everywhere of our life. For example, music, movie, TV shows and drama, websites and social media tools which are Facebook, Twitter and Blogger and etc. These cover various types of content to offer to consumers, and there are more and more violence content of them to express to audience.

Crime behaviors of people are increasing at present due to watching violence in the media, especially for young people. There are a lot of cases of shooting and bullying in the school by students and children. For instance, there are a lot of abuse words in the rap music, while young people think that those are so cool to say in the public: and many scenes are too violent and bloody in movies, those can affect to people to tend to be violent. I want to point out this phenomenon in the society and I wish media producers could concern more about children and young people when they create media content especially.


My name is MENG QIAO, and I am going to the third year of media and communication. I am an international student from China. Even though this major is a big challenge for me because the language and cultural background are different than my original ones, I am still interested in media and want to learn more different views of knowledge about media and communication, and I an trying my best to adapt to the new environment no matter where in the daily life and the learning process. I have been in Canada for three years and I like here because it has a  different way to live and study than in China. I believe that this experience is unforgettable in my life. I am also looking forward to enjoying time of this course. In addition, my blog’s address is; and my Twitter handle is @qiao_meng.

Several Other Outside Resources of Violence of Media

There are five websites which reveal the relevant content of violence in media. Those are about the relationship between the violence of media and psychology of people, some of them address that violence in the media affect the young people and children’s behaviors.

There are five blogs which also about this topic to reveal different views of violence in media. Some arguments are fresh to us, for example, one of the authors argues that media violence is the same as the smoking. It encourage people to know more information why he/she said that.

There are five twitter hashtags about the violence which are from sexuality of violence, video games, social issues and young people to reveal people’s behaviors are influenced by media. All in all, violence really exists in our media world broadly; the society should notice that there is a close relationship between violence in media and social stability and harmony. ( I have twitter-timeline beside the blog, and I retweet the five relevant tweets with my topic, and click on the red links to those and know what they are.)

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