I always connect with other people by cell phone, email, IM, Facebook, Twitter and so on. Even though there are many different social media tools to use, there are different functions for different people. For example, I always connect with my best friends or people of the close relationship with me by cell phone and IM. Because I share everything with them, and cell phone and IM are very quick and convenient for us to talk about everything. For classmates and teachers, I always use email to connect because we just discuss or talk about some problems of study, we need not to know private phone numbers among each other. Nowadays, especially for young people, we like to use Facebook and Twitter to share our daily life because we can communicate with each other anytime and anywhere. It is easy for us. For me, I am an international student in Canada, my parents are in China. Every week, I have a video chatting with my parents. Though I can not company with them, I need communicate with my parents face to face by this way. This way is the best way for my homesickness. While, I do not use video chatting with acquaintance, I think I do not have the need to contact them because texting online is enough for the relationship. Therefore, social media play the vital role in my life because it can improve the close relationship closer, and it also helps me to expand the circle of my social life.

As different levels of relationships, people often classify different circles of relationships. For example, family and best friends are the most close relationship for everyone. Classmates or colleagues are our somewhat close relationships with us. Even though we always work with them, we do not share our private things to them.  For acquaintance, we just know them, we do not want to know more about him or her,or we do not have many common things to share and work. People have these different relationships, they also use different social media to connect with various people. For instance, we use landlines, cell phones, even face to face with very close people; we use cell phones, Facebook or Twitter to contact with somewhat close people; for acquaintance, we can use email to connect with them when we need to contact with them. Thus, different meanings of closeness decide that people use different frames or social media to organize their relationships. For me, I have mentioned before I organize my circle of relationships which depends on different levels of the closeness.

Again, I use diverse social media due to different roles and closeness of people for me. Like, cell phone, email, blog, Facebook, Skype and etc. I think I rely on different functions of social media to decide to connect different people. The more important reason which what goals are when you connect to people. For instance, we connect with our families very often because they are members of our families and we should keep a good balance within the relationship. Like, we contact with our classmates or colleagues to get our study or business better. Moreover, we need social life to know some acquaintance to enrich our life.

Though the closeness is the main factor to decide that you use different social media, we still concern about demographics which mean ages, genders even cultures. Before I came Canada, I used cell phone and landline to connect my parents because they don’t know how to use social tools online. However, I always use QQ which is a chatting tool online for my friends because young people much like to use the new technology. I have another example for cultures. When I came to Canada, I know I need to adapt to the local people’s lifestyles. In Canada, there is no people to use QQ, they use Facebook and Twitter to organize their relationships, so I should create the new Facebook and Twitter accounts to connect to people in Canada. However, I still use QQ to connect my family and friends who are in China. In addition, I think people of all over world have the same views for demographics. People want to keep relationships, they should concern about different factors and backgrounds when they face with complex situations.

I always call my close friends and family frequently. Nowadays, there are many types social media to connect with others, I can use them no matter where I am or when I connect. I can have various choices to different people. When I connect to others, it exists reciprocals among us. I usually chat with my parents by video, it decreases my homesickness, my parents also can know how I live in Canada. I can tell them many interesting things which happens in Canada, my parents also tell me what they did in the last week. This way do not shorten our “distance” even though we are far away the real distance. It is balanced when people use social media to connect with others. It builds the better system of relationship. In short, social media is very important for us in the modern society, especially for me.

Lastly, I have a typical example to improve my thoughts. When I came Canada at the first time, I did not have the Internet, even I did not have cell phone. I can not contact with my parents, even anyone. I felt helplessness because I thought there is nobody to concern about me if I have some accident. At that time, I just thought cell phone is the most important thing to solve. When I had a cell phone, I felt better than before because I have a sense of safe when I hold the cell phone. I can contact with my parents and friends, I felt the sense of existence in the world.

All in all, people need have their interpersonal relationships. In order to build the better their relationships at present, people need use social media to improve their relationships.