Getting Social with Your Media

My name is MENG QIAO. I am going to the third year of media and communication. I am an international student from China. Even though English is not my the first language and this major is also a big challenge for me because the language and the cultural background are different than my original one, I am still interested in the mass media, journalism and communication. I hope that I can know more about knowledge of media in the different country. And I’m also looking forward having the good time with the whole class in this course before I will go back China in July for my summer holiday.

For me, I think that my family and friends and classmates of school are the most part of my social cycle. Because I am in Canada where is far with my parents who are in China, I have a video chatting online with my parents once week. I always use QQ which is the communicative tool in China and is the same as Skype, it is connivence for my parents and me to communication. In Canada, I always use Facebook and Twitter to contact my friends and classmates. These technological tools are helpful to build my social life. Moreover, I often use Youtube to watch video which I like and I also use itune to listen music. In the aspect of study, I always Brock online system which are webmail and sakai to get all materials of my courses, and I can use them to connect my professors and advisors when I  have problems and questions to solve. Therefore, I think these public media tools are very important for me no matter in the daily life and learning process because they make me connect other people easily and get all information quickly and conveniently.